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If you want to exercise but you find yourself being lazy; try taking your dog out for a walk on the shortest dog walk area in the history of dog walk areas.  Someone was not paying attention when they posted the following signs.


Well I learned a valuable lesson the hard way today.  My dog decided to chew up a $600.00 piece of survival gear to the point where it is unusable in its present state.  I’ll call the manufacturer on Monday and see if they can repair this unnamed piece of survival gear and how much they will charge and how long it will take.  I still  love my dog but I will have to reconsider where I keep some of my preparedness items.  Lesson learned the hard way.


In honor of my blog reaching 100,000 hits today; here’s a humorous image which begs the questions how and why?  I would like to thank all of you who take the time to visit my blog, for being so instrumental, and for being such an important ingredient in this blogs success.  Again my humble thanks to all of you.



If you survive a disaster such as a nuclear detonation, radiation then becomes the silent killer which you need to avoid.  Radiation is measured in (mSv) millisieverts and a persons normal exposure to radiation in any given year under normal conditions is about 2.4 mSv.  The following is an indicator of what various radiation readings are in millisieverts and what can constitute exposure.

  • 0.01 mSv = A dental x-ray.
  • 0.1 mSv = Dose of radiation from a chest x – ray
  • 0.4 mSv = Mammogram breast x-ray exposure.
  • 2.4 mSv = Natural radiation most people are normally exposed to each year.
  • 10 mSv = Radiation dose in full body CT scan.
  • 15 mSv = CT scan abdomen and pelvis.
  • 100 mSv = Lowest annual dose at which any increase in cancer is clearly evident.
  • 700 mSv = Vomiting within hours of exposure.
  • 750 mSv = Hair loss two weeks after exposure.
  • 1,000 mSv = radiation sickness and nausea but may not cause death.
  • 5,000 mSv = Single dose would kill half of those exposed within a month.
  • 10,000 mSv= Destruction of intestinal lining, internal bleeding and death within two weeks of exposure.
  • 20,000 mSv = Cognitive impairment, convulsions and death within hours of receiving dose of radiation.

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There are certain survival questions everyone should be aware of; and discussing these questions with close friends and family prior to a disaster or post apocalyptic scenario is a good idea.  Discussing, in advance, will help you to formulate plans of action to survive if and when a survival situation occurs.  Here are some of these questions.

  • How will you survive if there is a complete loss of law and order?  What if this scenario occurs when you are away from home?
  • If bands of looters are on your street causing havoc, how will you respond to that situation if law enforcement is no longer available?
  • How will you provide food and water for your family if grocery store shelves are empty and the supply chain re-stocking systems no longer exists?
  • How self sufficient are you if government support programs end or if electricity and garbage pickup are no longer operating or if currency becomes worthless?
  • How will you protect and provide for your family?  What will your policy be on providing assistance to friends, acquaintances, or strangers who are passing by?
  • Will you stay at your current location or head somewhere else?  If so what are the advantages and disadvantages to both options?

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