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Yes I know this is a survival and preparedness blog; but every so often I like to give other writers a chance to talk about some of the book or story projects they might be working on.  So now is your chance to talk about your work.  I also appreciate the fact that so many of you have purchased my books which are shown on the left side of my blog page; which are available at  If you liked them then please let me know; and good comments at are always appreciated.  I write post apocalyptic fiction, zombie fiction and horror fiction.  So what writing projects are the rest of you working on?


I thought I would try a free e-book giveaway.  The rules are simple.  Leave a positive review for any one of my 5 books over at and you are automatically entered in my free e-book giveaway.  The winner will receive any one of my currently published post apocalyptic/survival books of their choice which can be seen on the left side of my blog page; or they can hold out until my first zombie book (currently untitled) is released.  So leave a positive comment over at and be entered into my free e-book giveaway.  I will let the contest run until May 24, 2013 and the winner will be notified on my blog at that time.  That person may then select one of my e-books and I will send it to them absolutely free.   Hurry up and enter and spread the word 🙂