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EDC Everyday Carry is essentially a prepared persons way of keeping essential items with them every time they go out.  Generally speaking you can use a small pouch and place it in a jacket pocket or a cargo pants pocket.  The pouch I use is the Condor EDC pouch which is small enough to take on the go; and holds essentials I might need such as a flashlight, spare batteries, bandaids, lens wipes, P51 can openers, lighters, mini screwdrivers, etc. etc.  I keep this with me in conjunction with my cell phone, pocket knife, keys, etc.  So if you haven’t set up a small, portable, every day carry pouch it is certainly a good idea to go ahead and do so.

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I spend a lot of time with my family relaxing in the hot tub in our nicely landscaped backyard at my home.  While the hot tub is very relaxing and enjoyable, for those of us who carry a weapon everyday it poses some tactical survival issues.  Obviously I do not take my firearm into the hot tub, nor do I leave it in the open or hidden nearby as anyone using the hot tub could accidently stumble upon it.

Should a SHTF situation occur while you are dripping wet, in a bathing suit, no shoes on and a gun not readily available, you leave yourself vulnerable at that particular point in time.  So in thinking the situation over this remote control option might be the answer although it will certainly clash with the pristine landscaping 🙂