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America is in a state of decline.  It’s obvious and the following 10 things need to change immediately in order to get this country of ours back on track.  Here are those things.

  1. The media must relearn the basics of reporting.  The lamestream media twists the truth and incorrectly reports so many things that they can no longer be trusted to report the truth.
  2. Politicians must get back to supporting and preserving the ideals as set forth in the Constitution.
  3. Liberalism must be stopped before it further destroys the nation.  Liberal ideas are an anathema to the great things America used to be able to achieve.
  4. Welfare must be ended.  Anyone who spends their entire life on welfare and is proud of it should be ashamed of themselves but unfortunately they seem to revel in it.
  5. Americans who don’t have a work ethic must develop one and take pride in their achievements and successes.  You cannot expect others to provide for you when you are perfectly capable of providing for yourself.
  6. Honor, integrity and ethics must be restored.  We need to stop catering to and pandering to those in the media spotlight whose bad behavior is constantly rewarded.
  7. Those who try to take away our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and who seek to destroy our Constitutional rights need to be exposed for who they really are and if in politcal office they need to be voted out.
  8. Common sense needs to be restored to politics, the media, and individuals as they go about their daily lives.  
  9. Personal Responsibility needs to be the backbone of every individual when it comes to living their lives.
  10. Support and defend the Constition of the United States of America.  Anyone trying to pass laws contra to the constitution should be brought up on criminal charges.

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