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When it comes to your survival food storage pantry I wanted to add a few points to help others with their survival food preparation plans.

  • Canned foods are ideal as they are inexpensive, compact, durable and have long shelf lives.  Canned goods should be stored in cool, dry places either stacked on sturdy shelves or placed in large plastic totes with snap down covers.
  • When opening a sealed can or jar for the first time; the interior should be vacuum sealed and should make a small sucking sound when the seal is broken.  This should tell you that the food is good.
  • Be wary of cans that are dented around the crimp seal rims.  Never eat food from a can or a jar that exhibits signs of internal pressure. Jars should be concave (sucked inwards at the center) and never popped upwards.  Metal cans should never be bloated with walls or ends bulging outwards.  These are indicators that the food has spoiled.

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