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If anyone tells you that you have to take your American flag down then tell them to “shove it.  This flag will remain flying.”  This political correctness nonsense has got to stop.


Gun control for law abiding citizen’s is wrong.  Let’s use some illustrations and images to point out just a few of the reasons why.







Societies and civilizations throughout history have gone through ups and downs.  Some societies make it back and some never do.  Being prepared means being alert to the warning signs that a societal collapse is imminent.  Here are the five warning signs to watch out for.  When all five occur it is time to be wary.  Harsh times will be ahead for those who are not properly prepared.

  1. High levels of inflation combined with systematic dealuation of a nation’s currency.
  2. Breakdown in the structure of law and order and rampant escalation in violent crime.
  3. Freely elected governments disobeying laws as well as putting policies into effect which are harmful to its citizenry; and disavowing the rules of Constitutional law.
  4. Gun control and seizure vehemently and aggressively proclaimed and enforced.
  5. Suspension of individual rights and liberties such as would occur under martial law or dictatorial rule.

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In case you weren’t aware.  Your U.S. Passport obtained from October 2006 forward contains an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chip) which contains a passport holders personal identification data. Data includes name, date of birth, nationality, gender, place of birth, as well as a digitized photo of that person.  The chip’s data will match the paper portion data of the passport. The RFID chip allows passports to be scanned remotely and can present safety and privacy violations.  Other issues include remote hacking of data, whether other unspecified information is also contained within, and how tightly your movements can be tracked when the passport is carried about as part of a person’s activities.

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America is currently a nation in decline and the root cause of that decline is liberalism.  Here are some reasons why that is the case.

  • Liberals take pleasure in destroying basic morals, values and traditions and show no respect for traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs.
  • Liberals cheer when American servicemen are killed by the enemies of America, and criticize when we try and stop the enemies of our country; such as terrorists and those countries which sponsor terrorism.
  • Liberals want to support and rehabilitate criminals at the expense of their victims.
  • Liberals are anti-gun when it comes to the rights of law abiding citizen’s to keep and bear arms and to use them for self defense.
  • Liberals make an industry out of racism and race baiting.
  • Liberals hate our military.
  • Liberals support efforts to circumvent the Constitution.
  • Liberals have taken political correctness to extremes.  Need examples; how about the liberals who sued to have the Pledge of Allegiance declared unconstitutional or the liberals who expelled a student from school for eating his poptart in such a manner that it resembled a gun.  And the list of craziness just goes on and on.
  • Liberals are hypocrites.  They want to run everyone else’s life for them.
  • Liberals propose some of the most ridiculous legislation to come down the pike in years and when it passes; they find ways to exempt themselves from it.  Does Obamacare ring a bell.
  • Liberals support illegal immigrants coming to our country illegally and dismiss the fact that they are breaking the law.
  • Liberals hate American exceptionalism and support wealth redistribution giving people who didn’t earn things free stuff.
  • Liberals like communism and socialism.
  • Liberals cannot stand the truth but most of all deep down inside liberals hate themselves.