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You just can’t argue with well thought out logic 🙂


If you don’t understand why then you haven’t been paying attention.






Why is there a penguin on the helipad.  Inquiring minds want to know 🙂


What great free gift should I offer in order to get people to leaves some more reviews of my books over at  And by reviews I mean good, great, this is an awesome book or books type of reviews.  With that said what fabulous gift should I offer those of you who take the time to do this.  Oh I know how about some insight into mind reading skills.  See image below 🙂



So you’re looking to keep a burglar from robbing your house after they have entered; when you are not at home.  Simple solution.  Leave the following items in plain view where it will be the first thing they see upon entry and they will know they have definitely made a big mistake.  Any questions!


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