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The current round of anti gun/gun control measures are simply ridiculous.  The liberal democratic mentality is ludicrous as what they are seeking to do is disarm  and punish law abiding citizen’s while further empowering violent criminals.  Notice how the more liberals try to ban guns; the higher gun sales go, as law abiding citizen’s purchase them in record numbers realizing that they need to arm themselves for self defense purposes.  Using the liberals ridiculous logic; look for them to now propose the following.

  • All knives in people’s kitchens must be registered; if they have more than ten knives in their kitchen.  

If you really want to see no more ridiculous gun control laws then simply pass the following legislation: a law disarming all politicians bodyguards.  We will then have our gunrights back in no time flat.  What do these ridiculous liberals think; that by passing some so called feel good gun control laws that the streets will suddenly be safe to walk down alone, at night in the inner cities, and that car doors can now be left unlocked without worrying about anything being stolen.  Most of these politicians should already be in jail for violating the Constitution.  Seen any of them arrested lately?

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Okay I’m standing on my soapbox again and proclaiming that I would like folks to stop trying to pass legislation to take away my guns and gun rights every time some nut job with a gun is the lead media news story.  After all I; and millions of people like me are law abiding, proud, responsible gun owners who have never harmed anyone with our weapons.  You don’t see me trying to ban your automobiles every time someone has a car crash, or banning your food choices every time someone has a food related heart attack because they can’t control their portion sizes.  If you don’t want to own a gun that’s fine; but stop ruining the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the second amendment for the rest of us.