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So you have your pistol permit and are considering purchasing a handgun.  Here are some important items to consider.  Remember to always verify that any firearm is unloaded before handling.

  • Make sure the handgun is in a sufficient caliber to be able to use for self defense purposes and is not too much caliber for you to comfortably handle.
  • Make sure the firearm holds a sufficient quantity of ammunition for your needs.
  • Grip the pistol firmly and make sure you can achieve a good and proper firing grip.
  • With the firearm verified as unloaded, squeeze the trigger and make sure it is not too heavy.  You should be able to pull the trigger straight back without any deviation.
  • Make sure the front and rear sights are in proper alignment and will achieve quick target acquisition.
  • Make sure the pistol has a good history of reliability and accuracy.
  • Don’t be swayed by salesmen who are trying to push a particular make or model.  Do your research beforehand and purchase what works best for you.
  • Make sure you receive proper instruction and train on a regular basis with your firearm.

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A good quality revolver is an essential piece of survival gear which can be used in survival situations where a semi automatic handgun might not be the best option.  My choice for best survival revolver goes to the Ruger GP 100, chambered in 357/38, in stainless steel, with a 4 inch barrel, fixed sights, and a combination wood and rubber handgrip.



If you are going through the stages where you’re internally debating with yourself whether or not to carry a firearm, think about the following.

How would it make you feel if a criminal had total control; the power of life and death over you and your family with only the criminal having any say in whether you or your family lived or died.   Without having a firearm and a working knowledge of using that firearm to defend yourself and your family you would have absolutely no input into that scenario.  It is your right and your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.  Never forget that.

Everyday survival awareness is something that everyone should pay particular attention to as they go about their daily routines.  Your life can be altered or ended tragically when errors you make combined with proximity to a thug result in severe personal consequences.  You do lock your doors in your car when your driving right….if not do it now.  You do lock your doors and windows when you leave the house or go to sleep….if not do it now.  You do avoid going to ATM’s alone at night in less than ideal areas….if you don’t then start avoiding those ATM’s today.

Be aware of your surroundings.  I can’t stress this enough.  Take precautions before you become a crime statistic; not afterwards.  Criminals do not share your moral values, they are not your friends or your neighbors and will see you only as an obstacle to getting what they want.  If you get that feeling that something is wrong pay attention to it as your gut reactions are usually correct.

Always carry a cell phone and keep it fully charged.  If you have your pistol permit start carrying your pistol concealed after thoroughly training and familiarizing yourself with every aspect of its operation.  A gun locked in a safe at home does you no good if you are attacked and need it.  For those who do not have a pistol permit carry pepper spray or a quality folding knife with you at all times.

Proper precautions can help you avoid and if necessary deal with potential life altering or ending situations.  Don’t become a victim.

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When it comes to the subject of favorite handguns for personal defense everybody has their own personal likes, dislikes, and opinions.  My selection was based on years and years of trying different makes and models, factoring in reliability, durability, accuracy, mechanical issues if there were any, as well as fit, feel, and function.  Of course appearance has to factor in somewhat as well.  So what is my favorite personal defense handgun?  It would have to be the full size Smith & Wesson M&P 45 in two tone finish.   


With so many different home defense firearms choices; I’d be interested in knowing what specific firearm my readers are using for home defense purposes and why that particular firearm was selected.  I ask because I keep going back and forth between a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun for home defense, a S&W M&P45 semi auto handgun for home defense, or a Taurus Tracker 357 Magnum revolver for home defense.  It seems that on a fairly regular basis I’m routinely swapping out my primary home defense weapons thinking that I can gain that much more of an advantage in defensive capabilities by doing so.  With that said I’d like to see what others are doing in this regard.  


When target shooting at your gun range of choice; here are 9 reasons why your pistol shots may not be grouping properly on target.  Review each one to make sure you have factored them in, if your shots are consistently erratic, then work at correcting them.

  • Poor sight alignment
  • Flinching
  • Improper breath control
  • Poor trigger control
  • Improper pistol grip
  • Unbalanced stance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Failure to aim properly
  • Nervousness

Review this list; and if you find yourself consistently experiencing one or more of these thing; then take the steps necessary to correct them.  Then again it just might be the gun 🙂

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When target shooting with your handguns it is important to be accurate but it is also important to develop good and safe gun handling techniques.  No one technique is right for everyone.  There is no such thing as one method that is perfect.  If the method you use is safe and acccurate then stick with it.  If the barrel is pointed at the target and maintained reasonably wobble free; your shot placement will be good.  Sometimes I focus on the front sight which blurs the target and sometimes I focus on the target which blurs the front sight but I seem to shoot reasonably accurately both ways.

As an example of doing things unconventionally anyone who has seen me use a speedloader, in a revolver, will tell you I do it in a very unconventional way.  But it is a safe way and it works for me and is much faster than any of the so called conventional methods that people are generally taught these days.  The important thing is it works for me so I stick with it.  If your technique is safe and works for you then stick with it as well.

You can see all 5 of my post apocalyptic fiction books, 2 of my zombie fiction books and 1 of my horror fiction books on the left side of my blog page.  Go ahead and purchase one or more over at They are really quite interesting and entertaining to read if I do say so myself.