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Good morning.  My third fiction book is now at the halfway point and should be completed in approximately two months or less.  It picks up where my first two fiction post apocalyptic/survival books left off; and has most of the characters returning to continue to fight against the effects of radiation after the world has ended in nuclear annihilation.  Disease, starvation, death, roving bands of thugs, old rivalries, politics, genetic mutations and elements of time travel are just some of the features the new book will contain.

You can get a free preview of my first two post apocalyptic fiction books by clicking on the book cover images to the left of this blog post, on my blog page, which will take you to the website. Then you can click on the look inside option which will give you a free preview.  If my survival fiction books interest you; then consider purchasing them. Remember 100% of the royalties I receive for books sold in January goes to charity.