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Home invasion can conjur up all sorts of uncomfortable thoughts when one takes the time to think about it.  A home invasion can put the lives of you and your family at risk.  It is important to be aware of the following.

  • Thugs will try to gain access to your home using ruses such as “my car broke down may I use your phone.”  Do not grant them access.  Another ruse is impersonating law enforcement; again do not grant them access.  If they do not have proper and verifiable identification and a warrant they should not be allowed access to your home.
  • Allowing strangers access to your home in this day and age is reckless.  Don’t do it.
  • Crooks will stoop to any level to gain access; you need to be alert, situationally aware and ready.
  • Do not grant access to plumbers, electricians, etc., that you did not call.  Don’t allow workmen that you did call unattended access.
  • Closed circuit TV cameras work well and allow you to monitor your property.
  • Remember anyone can buy a fake utility sign or a fake landscaping sign.  If you did not specifically call them to come over and work on your property; do not allow them access to your home.
  • Remember home invasions don’t always begin at the front door.  You must protect the backdoor, windows and any other points of entrance and exit. 
  • Trust your gut instincts.  If something feels wrong then it most likely is wrong.
  • Be smart and stay safe.

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If you want to be a survivor and persevere during harsh economic and political times; or during civil unrest, or any other type of SHTF situation, it is imperative to pay attention to the following rules.

  • You need to be aware of who and what is around you at all times; this is referred to as situational awareness.
  • Trust your gut instincts.  If something feels wrong or dangerous then it usually is wrong or dangerous.
  • Actions speak louder than words.  Just because someone says they will do something does not mean they will follow through.  Make sure if someone commits to doing something that they actually do it.
  • Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.  If you act vulnerable, insecure and weak then you can expect to be treated that way.
  • Be bold, dynamic and conduct your business with authority.
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude.  Positive attitudes attract positive results.  Negative attitudes attract negative results.
  • Make yourself a hard target.  It is the easy targets who are attacked.
  • Do not think or act like a victim and avoid having an entitlement mentality.
  • Not everyone can be trusted.  Be careful whom you trust with sensitive information.
  • Know your surroundings.  
  • Know the best strike points to incapacitate an attacker.
  • Be proficient with your defensive weapons.
  • If you have to fight back; fight back hard.

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Why is shooting center mass and or head shots so important?  In essence because it is combat effective. It stops assailants who are trying to harm you and your family, during a home invasion, when the threat of death to you and yours is immediate and apparent.  Head shots are an expedient way to end an attack as hitting the brain turns off the attackers ability to control his central nervous system.  Head shots are generally more difficult then center mass shots as the head is a smaller target and tends to move around more than the torso area.

Center mass is essentially shots to the torso with the preferred location being high on the chest.  These are easier shots to make than head shots as even if your aim is slightly off, you still have a good chance of hitting a vital organ and bringing the attack to an end.  If your life or your families lives are in imminent danger, the primary focus is to stop the attack with a justifiable use of lethal force.  After all your life is more important than some scumbags who is out there to rape or murder you with no regard for your life or the lives or your loved ones.

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It’s your home; and that means you have a responsibility to protect your home and your family from criminals who want to do you harm.  Basic home defense precautions such as a large dog, locking your doors, windows, garages, etc., deadbolt locks and door jam bars are essential precautionary measures but once a criminal is inside you will need additional defensive capabilities.

Firearms are simply the best, modern home defense weapon for those who are properly trained or experienced in their use.  Your home defense weapon or weapons must be effective, reliable and capable of stopping a threat when your life or the lives of your family are in danger. 

You also need to factor in overpenetration which means you will need to be aware of what is beyond your target, since sheetrock walls won’t stop bullets.  You do not want to injure family members around or behind a criminal when your life or your families lives are in imminent danger.

Some firearms considerations are as follows.  12 Gauge pump action shotguns as they have the most effective stopping power at close range and depending on the model can hold between 5 to 8 shells in the tube.  Semi Automatic handguns due to their small size, concealability and convenient accessibility and depending on the model can hold between 8 to 17 rounds in the magazine. 

Generally I do not recommend rifles for home defense as the potential for overpenetration and the distances most calibers travel is just too risky in typical suburban neighborhoods.  Even when using shotguns or semi automatic handguns be aware of any overpenetration which might result. 

Whatever firearms you decide to use as your primary home defense weapons make sure you train with them often and become thoroughly familiar with their workings.  Your home defense firearms must be 100% reliable as your life may one day depend on them.

Every home should have an early warning system for intruder detection through the front and back door, patio doors, garage door, etc.  An inexpensive battery powered system which has worked well for me is the Doberman Mini Defender system.  A 2 pack of this system generally runs for about 15 dollars.

Basically they are magnetically triggered alarms with an on/off switch, a chime switch (which I never use) and an alarm setting which omits a piercing 100db alarm for 30 seconds.  I use the alarm setting which is very loud and will give you early warning that someone has breached your security.

The unit is smaller than a credit card and as an example, one end mounts to the door and the other end to the trim around the door at the same level, usually with about an inch of space between the pieces.  The magnets sense each other and if a door is opened, the magnets are breached which sets off the alarm if the alarm setting has been pre-turned to the on position.

As the trim and the door in many homes are usually not flush I use layers of double sided tape to bring the recessed surface even with the higher surface, before mounting, so everything is flush and level.  When defending your home anything which gives you an early warning, turns the advantage to your favor and gives you time to call 911 and bring your weapon into play for a defensive scenario.


If a criminal breaks into your home you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.  If you are holding the criminal at gunpoint the following are some recommended steps to follow.

  • Call 911.
  • Inform the 911 operator that you are holding an intruder (criminal) who has broken into your home at gunpoint and that you are the homeowner.
  • Inform the 911 operator that you are in fear for your life and if the criminal takes any aggressive action you will shoot the criminal in self defense to protect yourself and your family.
  • Order the criminal to keep his hands in the air, get down on his knees, then get face down on the floor with his head turned the opposite way from you and to spread his arms out from his sides away from his body.
  • Inform the 911 operator that you are the homeowner and describe what you are wearing.
  • Inform the 911 operator that the criminal is lying face down on the floor and describe what he is wearing.
  • Make sure there is a clear distinction between what you the homeowner are wearing and your position, standing up in the home as opossed to what the criminal is wearing and his position on the floor in the home.
  • Keep the 911 operator on the line until the police arrive.
  • Have a family member if possible meet the police outside, reiterate the situation and escort them in.
  • Lower your weapon when the police arrive and follow their instructions.  Make sure they are fully aware that you are the homeowner and not the criminal.
  • Inform the police that you want the criminal prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that you are prepared to press charges.

If your home is invaded by a thug or looter it may be necessary to take prisoners.  Taking a prisoner is much harder than it may initially seem as your adrenelin is surging and everything you do ultimately comes down to life and death.  The following are some things to consider if you have to take a prisoner.

  • Watch the intruders hands at all times.  If an intruder moves his hands he may be going for a weapon.
  • With weapon in hand you must take charge and in a strong, commanding voice warn the intruder “drop your weapon, hands in the air, DO IT NOW.”
  • Do not allow the intruder to plead, stall or move closer.  If he is not obeying you then he is looking for ways to overpower you.
  • Command the intruder to place his hands over his head, turn around, slowly lie down on the floor by first getting to his knees, then to his stomach, then order him to place his hands behind his back palms outward.
  • Do not allow the intruder to speak, if he tries tell him to shut up.  Call 911 while keeping the intruder covered with your weapon.  If he is breaking into your home then he is scum. 
  • While on the phone with 911 identify yourself as the lawful homeowner and describe what you look like and what you are wearing and what the intruder looks like and what he is wearing and your relative positions to each other. IE (the criminal is on the floor).  Keep the 911 operator on the phone until the police arrive.
  • Make sure the 911 operator knows you are covering the prisoner with a weapon so that when the police arrive they do not mistake you for the criminal.  Repeat to the 911 operator often your description and the criminals description, your relative positions to each other and that you are keeping the criminal at bay with a firearm until the police arrive as you are in fear for your life.  Repeat this over and over so the police are fully aware of the situation and do not go after the wrong person.
  • When the police arrive, lower your weapon and follow their instructions.