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For the love of all that is good; would someone tell me how all these spam comments that have nothing to do with a particular wordpress post are attempted and their nefarious purpose.  Thank goodness they at least show up in the spam folder.  Do people actually think wordpress bloggers will just allow them to go through.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to use the electric cattle prod on these spammers; I believe there might be a legal exemption to allow this 🙂  And now for something truly amazing.


Just wanted to thank everyone for a very successful first blog year.

181 people thus far follow this blog.

Over 35,000 hits this first year.

Lots of books sold and I’ve heard no complaints about story line so I will take that to mean people find the books interesting.

I’ve enjoyed blogging and commenting back and forth with all of you and I look forward to continuing this tradition next year.  I wish all of you a Happy New Year 🙂

Survival today is not only about procuring food, water, shelter and having defensive capabilities; at times it comes down to securing your internet communications if needed.  In today’s world internet access and communication is the number one way that most people obtain quick information whenever it is needed.  The internet is available almost everywhere and can be accessed by an array of devices.  Internet communication thus plays a pivotal role in survival planning and preparation.  Be aware of the following.

  • A record exists somewhere of everything you do on the internet.
  • Encryption programs usually have backdoor access so cannot be considered 100% safe.
  • Anything you do on the net can be compromised.
  • Thumb drives a.k.a. zip drives a.k.a. flash drives are portable, transportable pocket carry storage devices and are excellent ways to carry information when encrypted.  Information can be taken with you and accessed almost anywhere.
  • Hide information within documents so it is not recognizble upon casual glance.
  • Use pre-established codes within document text to keep information private
  • Maintain password security.  Keep in mind that a keystroke logger is a device attached between your keyboard and PC and if one is present it will record every keystroke and password entry you make.  You can defeat the password portion by copying and pasting your password in instead of typing it.  Internet spying software will not be defeated by this method.

While the internet is a great tool for all sorts of things it is not nearly as private as you might think.  Have fun but be careful out there.