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I’m going to deviate from my usual survival and preparedness topics for just a moment to address something a reader had emailed me about and asked me to comment on; in a blog post regarding life in general and what I felt was the best way to achieve what it is that you want from life.  With the readers permission already obtained, this was my reply to them.

You can achieve whatever you want from life if you have the right attitude, a willingness to work for it, confidence, positive thinking, not reacting or giving up every time an obstacle or a criticism comes your way and a belief in yourself and your abilities.

I try to remind my children of this; well they are not really children anymore.  My son is in his junior year of college studying accounting and my daughter will be starting college next year studying allied health and they are probably tired of hearing me emphasize the above points but they are so very true.

You can achieve what you want in life, love, education, job, etc., if you approach what you want the right way.  People will often see you how you see yourself, so if you believe in yourself others will also.  Opportunities will start presenting themselves to you if you take the time to find them.  Time goes by so quickly so do not waste another moment wondering what if?  Go out, starting today and work towards achieving what you want.  You can do it.