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Escape and evasion skills can be useful in any SHTF, apocalyptic, disaster or survival scenario.  You need to be able to avoid hostile thugs, tracking dogs, ground or air surveillace, etc.  Running away from a threat may eventually make you an easier target to catch if you don’t develop proper escape and evasion plans and techniques.  Prepare for the worst possible scenarios and have a plan to deal with them.

Work on your noise discipline skills.  This means absolute silence.  Secure loose items on your pack or person as you can’t move silently if you are constantly making noise.  Even the sound of a snapping twig in the forest will carry a significant distance.  Use natural sounds such as thunder or wind to mask your noise, keep alarms and chimes on phones turned off and be aware that cell phones can be tracked when off unless you remove the battery first.

Light can be seen from great distances in the dark so avoid using light sources unless absolutely neccessary.  Avoid glow in the dark items, smoking, fires and any other sources which gives off light.  Reflections which can be given off from scopes or eyeglasses when positioned certain ways should also be carefully masked.

Circumstances will dictate your escape and evasion plans.  Have your workable plan ready now; keep what works and change what doesn’t.  Knowing the physical layout of the area you are in is also extremely helpful in any escape and evasion preperations.  Underground drainage systems can also be used to move through an area undetected as needed.  Be resourceful, creative and stay safe.