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If society collapses, or the SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI, (The end of the world as we know it) scenarios occur having the following item available and ready to go is essential.  The piece of gear I’m talking about is a load bearing vest.  Most services that people depend upon will be gone, during a serious disaster, and you will be responsible for your own self defense and security.  Police and law enforcement will be non existant and criminals, thugs, and looters will be everywhere waiting for an opportunity to strike.

A load bearing vest allows you to have defensive and survival gear on you at all times as you will be patrolling, gathering supplies, disposing of trash, investigating disturbances, etc.  Essentially you will be going into nothing short of a potential war zone so configure your load bearing vest to be flexible and to be mission specific.  

Using molle attachment points and molle gear will making swapping equipment as needed a fairly easy task.  Some vests come with pre installed pouches while others have no pouches at all; and you add them as needed.  I prefer starting with a vest with no pouches as pictured at the bottom of this post and then adding pouches until I’m satisfied with the functionality.  At that point I keep it conveniently located until it is ever needed.  Of course hopefully it will never be needed.

Some of the items on your load bearing vest in their respective pouches/holsters should include lots of rifle magazines, spare ammunition, handgun, handgun magazines, flashlight, spare batteries; fixed blade knife and first aid kit.  You can add or subtract items as the situation warrants.  Remember the items you select should be mission specific.  So set up your vest now; size it properly for your dimensions and try it on once a month to make sure it fits properly and that everything it carries is where it needs to be.  If a serious societal ending disaster strikes; you’ll be ready to defend yourself and your family.

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