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Self-Discipline is an extremely important aspect to consider when it comes to survival.  The following are some important points to reflect upon where self-discipline factors in.  

  • Determination, adaptability, confidence, positive thinking and an ability to improvise and or make do with what you have are necessary for success.
  • You must be creative enough to seek out and explore beneficial opportunities.
  • Have primary, secondary and tertiary survival strategies in place.
  • Avoid negative thinking and self doubt.
  • Don’t think it can’t happen here because it can.
  • Maintain a good moral and ethical viewpoint.
  • Maintain a proper and adequate supply of essential survival items.  Stock up when times are good so you will have resources when times are not.
  • Work smart.
  • Add new items to your survival supplies whenever possible.
  • Life will change during a disaster.  Do not give up hope.  Stay strong.

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