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The movie Doomsday is set in a post apocalyptic future where a viral outbreak, which cannot be contained, forces the authorities to wall in and quarantine Scotland.  The Reaper virus however  overtakes the wall and begins leaving death and destruction throughout London on an unprecedented scale.  An elite military team is dispatched to breach the wall into Scotland and locate a scientist who may have a cure for this mysterious illness. 

This elite fighting unit, once inside the wall must battle a society made up of murderous thugs who also resort to acts of cannibalism.  Cut off from the rest of the world they must locate a cure and use their wits to stay alive.  This movie is fast paced with plenty of action scenes, some humor, as well as a good mix of fighting scenes and car chases which adds to the surreal atmosphere of the movie.  While this is not a zombie movie, the cannibilism portions bring you as close to zombie activity as one can get without their actually being zombies present.  This is a good movie if you like the sci-fi and survival combination and is well worth watching.