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A lot of us enjoy a nice hike in the woods where meandering paths intersect with an abundance of tall, shady trees.  Criminals like these places too but for entirely different reasons.  They like them because it gives them access to potential victims who are isolated and out of range from help from law enforcement.  Just because you’re out in the woods relaxing doesn’t mean that criminals aren’t out there also plying their special brand of violent, criminal behaviors.

So it pays to be situationally aware at all times.  It is also imperative to be armed to protect yourself and your family if and when a dangerous, violent situation occurs.  Being well trained with firearms, having the ability to conceal carry, and being able to defend yourself it attacked are important considerations to seriously think about.

Don’t go looking for trouble and pay attention to your gut feelings if you sense that trouble might be up ahead.  But if you have to deal with a life or death situation; then do so with aggression, ferocity, and an unfair advantage in your favor.  If an assault takes place in a remote area, which criminals are counting on, there will be no one to help you other than yourself.  Stay alive, stay safe, and be prepared always for the unexpected.  Your life may just depend on it.

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