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The sky is falling is a mentality I attribute to people who dwell on the worst possible scenarios in all facets of their lives.  As a prepper; it is wise to plan for both natural and manmade disasters; but one should never dwell on them needlessly.  It is good to be prepared; but it is also good to have a positive outlook and enjoy life to the fullest.

For the most part; most of us probably live in a relatively safe and stable world.  Prepping becomes essential for those times when the world due to political, social, or economic reasons becomes not so safe and not so stable.  You need to remember that anything can happen to anyone at any time and that is what makes prepping such an important skill to master.

So live life to the fullest but prepare accordingly.  You never know when war, famine, zombies, pandemics, floods, earthquakes, snow storms, tornados, hurricanes, winter storms, wildfires, drought, lightning, landslides, tsunamis, sinkholes, avalanches, asteroid strikes, civil unrest, martial law or any other scenarios which could have negative consequences may occur.  Being prepared gives you your best chance of success when it comes to survival and coming out of a disaster scenario alive.

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It is important to remember that preparing for disaster is what preppers do; but it should never interfere with being happy.  One should approach preparedness as a hobby, with the added benefit that if the SHTF, you will be ahead of the masses in your ability and readiness to survive.

So be happy with your life, do not worry needlessly and enjoy what you have accomplished and what you are going to accomplish.  Life is what you make of it so enjoy yourself, be happy and be prepared.  Life is easier and calmer when you approach it with a positive attitude and a happy, energetic disposition.  So enjoy the day.