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For those of you who have published books available, if you let me know the title and provide a link where it can be ordered from, plus send me an image of the book cover with a book description I will be happy to post it with your link on the page of this blog entitled Books Written by other Bloggers.

I only ask that if you are going to take advantage of the free advertising you will get here that you at least be a subscriber to this blog……… subscribers or old subscribers, all may take advantage of this opportunity.  You may send this info to me at and please, only 1 book listing per person 🙂

I won’t even make you buy my book American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution available at…………sorry I couldn’t resist the shameless book plug opportunity 🙂  Of course if you want to buy it I certainly won’t try and stop you 🙂

Writers…..what are you working on these days?  Here is an opportunity for those of you who are working on a book or have already had one published to mention it here.  Think of it as an opportunity to promote what you have accomplished.  I’ll start.  Currently working on my first survival fiction novel and as of 6/6/12 I’ve written 83 pages.  Only a few hundred more to go until it’s complete.  Okay everyone else, what are you working on?

Well I’ve taken the plunge so to speak.  I’ve decided to write my first survival fiction novel.  No self publishing though… plans are to find a legitimate publishing house to view my work.  Last night I sat down and managed to crank out and edit 15 pages and so far the results from those few that have read it have been favorable.  My estimated time for completion looks to be about 6 months so hopefully I’ll be several hundred pages in at that time and can then shop around for a publisher.  Anyone else currently doing any survival writing either fiction or non fiction?  What have your experiences been?