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Range bags and or packs can be interesting things.  Many of us form a love/hate relationship with them and are constantly looking for something better as our handgun transport needs to the range, at the range, and from the range change. Many times range shooters use the exaxct same bags, which is not an issue, when the bag is kept at your shooting station.  But at some ranges they need to be kept away from the shooting station and left on a table generally ten to twenty feet behind you.

If I want to know where my range bag/pack is; and make sure no one accidently walks off with it; it needs to be different and it needs to stand out from the others. The one I currently use is shown below.  It works well; has all of the pockets and internal and external pouches I need for handguns and related supplies, and it definitely does not look like everyone elses.  The apocalypse/zombie theme colors are simply an added conversation piece.  When range bags/packs are all together on a back bench or table; having the ability to find mine quickly, when I need it, is now a very easy process.  

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Yes I know it’s not July yet; but I wanted to post this question of the month early.  And aren’t you lucky as it’s a multi part question.   This question stems from my never ending search for the perfect range bag. What range bag are you currently using, do you recommend it, and what gear do you keep inside?  Looking forward to your responses.   Below is a picture of my current range bag.  


Whenever I take my handguns and shotguns to the range for practice; my range bag comes along as an essential piece of shooting gear.  Its purpose; to keep all my gear safely stored and together in one convenient, organized gear bag.  I’ve used a lot of range bags over the years but the one I find works best for my needs is the 511 Tactical Patrol Ready Bag.  It has convenient storage pockets for almost anything you need to bring with you and is sized properly to store whatever you need to ensure a proper and enjoyable range session.

Here’s what I keep in the various internal and external pockets.  Two water bottles, 9mm ammo in a molle pouch, 45ACP ammo in a separate molle pouch, pistol rugs, holsters, spare magazines, ear protection, gun cleaning equipment, first aid kit, targets, tape, 00 buck shotgun shells in molle pouches, shooting gloves, flashlight, spare batteries, fixed blade knife, bandanna, ball cap and a few other miscellaneous odds and ends.  

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