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When lawlessness occurs; survival will become the primary goal.  Keep the following in mind should any survival situation involving civil unrest ever arise.  Lightly populated areas will be safer then more heavily populated areas.  You must do whatever is necessary to avoid the thugs and mobs who will loot, riot, commit robbery, rape or arson and eventually flee the cities in search of other targets of opportunity.

In the absence of law and order it will not take long for people to revert to their base, savage instincts; so show restraint but if the situation warrants be prepared to use force in a defensive manner.  If the power fails for an extended period of time and food and water distribution is disrupted, expect to see fires, looting, escalating violent crime and massive migrations out of the cities and into the suburbs and rural areas.  Looters will look for easily accessible areas and will bypass areas that can offer strong resistance.

When the SHTF; law and order is generally the first casualty.  Be prepared to defend yourself.  If you look and act like a victim you will in all probability become a victim.  Consider your home to be your well stocked survival outpost as the last thing you want is to ever become is a fleeing refugee.

Avoid being caught unprepared.  Prep properly when times are good so you will be prepared when times are bad.  Even when society is in complete anarchy people will organize into groups; some good and some bad.  The bad ones are likely to be aggressive and violent.  Be prepared and take responsibility for your own survival. 

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Based upon the evidence as presented and discounting the lamestream media spin; I don’t see how this man can possibly be found guilty as the prosecuton did not present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore I would say that an innocent verdict would be the correct decision here.  To me, based on the evidence, this is a clear case of self defense and charges should never have been brought in the first place. What’s you opinion?


What is a truck gun you ask?  A truck gun is a weapon, in my case a shotgun, that remains at all times in my SUV.  Why?  Its intended purpose is if you are away from home and caught in a SHTF situation, a riot, civil unrest, etc., it provides a way to defend yourself if needed.  Now in all the years of carrying a truck gun have I ever had to use it……  Does it give me peace of mind in case I need it to save my life…….yes.  There are all sorts of ways to cleverly conceal your truck gun yet keep it quickly accessible.  I’ll leave it up to you to come up with the best concealment/ease of access method for your particular situation.  Until the next post; stay safe.

When it comes to dealing with survival scenarios cities are one of the most dangerous places to be.  Here’s why.

  • Cities rely heavily on food being transported in.  If the transportation of food stops then the food supply stops and panic ensues.
  • Riots and other societal disorders generally occur in cities.  Being caught in a riot is not only dangerous but can be life ending.
  • Power grid failure means everything in the cities stops working.  No drinking water, no lights, no heat.
  • Just try getting out of the city during a disaster.  Traffic jams will be everywhere.
  • Gun control restrictions for law abiding citizens are generally stricter in the cities which means legally defending yourself and your property becomes harder.
  • Looting on a massive scale is a phenomena that occurs in cities when disaster strikes.  Think dialing 911 will help, think again.  Looters will outnumber the police significantly and let’s face it, cops have families of their own to look after in a survival crisis.

Unless living in the city is an absolute necessity for you, consider moving to the suburbs or to a rural section of the country to increase your survival chances.