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What is a lightning storm?  A lightning storm is the generation of powerful electricity which occurs during a storm and is a leading cause of accidental deaths caused by nature.  Bering struck by lightning can result in instant death,  The following are some recommended actions to take if there is a lightning storm approaching or occurring.

  • Get inside immediately.  A home, car, office building, etc., are all good places to wait out the storm.
  • Stay away from electrical equipment, wires, telephones, things that contain metal or can carry an electrical current.
  • Do not stand under trees.
  • Stay away from water and power lines.
  • If you are outside and away from your car or building stay in a low area such as a depression in the ground or in a cave.
  • If your hair stand up on end a lightning strike is getting ready to occur.  Kneel on the ground, do not lie down on the ground and place your hands on your knees.

You can determine how far away lightning is from your location by counting how many seconds go by between the time you see the lightning flash and the time you hear the thunder which follows.  Then divide the number of seconds by 5.  The answer will approximate how many mile away the lightning is.