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If you are anything like me you probably have tons of survival how to books in your library collection at home.  While these are great and informative resources; if you need to bug out you’re not going to be able to take them all with you.  Or if you shelter in place at home you may not have time, during a disaster, to search through these books looking for the how to information you need.  

The solution; keep a small, handwritten survival journal in your bug out bag.  Mine is a lined journal with a durable cover where I have listed all of the how to’s I might need in an emergency.  No commentary, no dribble; just all of the step by step how to information with a reference table of contents set up.  

If I can’t remember how many unscented bleach drops to add with an eyedropper to purify a certain amount of water, or how to start an emergency fire without matches, lighters or a firesteel; all of that step by step information is in there for quick reference along with lots of other survival how to information I might need.  

If you want to know how to do something; write it down and keep it in your survival journal.  Mine is set up with how to topics on water purification, food storage, fire starting methods, treating dehydration, hypothermia, hurricane preparedness, etc.  If you haven’t set up your survival journal take the time to do so.  The information you keep close at hand may just end up saving your life someday.