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The movie The Road deals with a father and son who try to survive the nightmare ordeals of a post apocalyptic world.  They search for food, water, warmth and safety while trying to avoid the canabilistic  thugs who roam the highways and backroads searching for their next meal.  This is not a zombie movie and while the apocalyptic event is never shown, the movie focus on trying to survive the apocalypse in what remains of a bleak and desolate world.

I enjoyed this movie because of the realistic feel it presented and the differences between those who have hope and those who don’t, between those who are the hunter and those people they hunt and between those who cling to life and those who give up and long for death.  The movie gives one the eerie feeling of what life could be like after the apocalypse.

The movie Carriers revolves around 4 young people who are trying to stay ahead of a pandemic which has ended civilization as they know it.  Determined to survive the group drives across the Southwestern United States to reach an oceanfront beach which may provide them with possible safety.  Over a 4 day period the group must avoid the pandemic, other survivors and their worst enemy; the darkness within themselves. 

As Post Apocalyptic survival movies go this one is extremely entertaining and is worth watching again and again.  This is not a zombie movie but instead a movie which revolves around the following rules; Avoid the infected, disinfect anything you’re going to touch, consider the infected as already dead since there is no cure and if you fall ill you will be left behind.