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During a post apocalyptic scenario; it’s a good idea to have a tactical vest, or load bearing vest, or chest rig, or plate carrier ready to go depending on one’s preferences and specific survival scenario.  It should be kept out of sight; but in a convenient to retrieve location, fully stocked with your fighting/defensive gear ready to roll if it is ever needed.  

A monthly review of what is on or in the vest is a good idea and it is also a good idea to put it on discreetly and walk up and down the stairs of your home with it, a bunch of times, to get yourself used to the additional weight.  It is also a good idea to make sure your mobility remains unrestricted.  For those who have a lot of accessible land; you can also get used to walking with it privately outdoors.  Better to have the vest and not need it; then to need it and not have it as the saying goes.

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So the SHTF; there is no law and order and you are left to rely on yourself for survival.  A dire predicament but if you have the right gear, training and mindset you will persevere.  This particular piece of gear I would never wear in normal day to day living but if the SHTF and you are on your own with no law and order and with looting, rioting and violent crime to contend with, it’s essential to have it.  This piece of gear will allow you to carry a full load of equipment necessary to patrol and protect yourself and your location.  Again, not something you would wear everyday but for emergencies when the SHTF; well worth having.   What is this piece of gear?  Why it’s a UTG tactical vest with enough pockets and storage areas to hold ammo of all types and other essentials you will need to deal with anything intent on harming you that might come your way.