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With the escalation in crime, law enforcement becomes reactive rather than proactive.  People must assume a primary responsibility for their own safety and security.  It is important to realize that not everyone is a law abiding citizen.  There are predators out there who have no regard for your life, your family’s life or your possessions.  To them you are nothing more than an inconvenient obstacle to obtaining what they want.

You must be willing to defend yourself against anyone who would harm you or your family.  You must be mentally prepared to use your skills defensively.  You have a right and a responsibility to protect yourself against an attack.  Practice situational awareness and avoidance; know your escape routes; maintain physical boundries and use verbal diffusion when appropriate.  By staying situationally aware you remove the element of surprise from an enemy. 

Most threats to home and family will come at close range.  Never turn your back to an adversary.  If an enemy is within range than so are you.  Maintain a survivors attitude by doing all that is necessary to survive; refusing to become a victim and never ever giving up.

Learn to visualize conflict and response.  This simulates experiences within your mind and experiences will build confidence.  Your mindset, your attitude, your tactics and your gear are all crucial elements to stop an attack.  Remember any weapon in the hands of a coward is useless so develop a mindset of confidence and bravery.

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