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Periodically I like to post survival/preparedness questions to give my readers an opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences and other related discussion ideas.  So without further hesitation here are this weeks survival/preparedness questions.  What scenario of a survival/preparedness nature do you anticipate you will have to face in the near future?  What steps have you taken to prepare for such an event?  I’m looking forward to everyone’s responses.


If and when society collapses remember the following:


It seems as though lately; some ridiculous liberal/progressive calls on the government to implement martial law for one scenario or another.  It’s almost as though they want to use it as a way to circumvent individual rights and freedoms as well as circumventing the Constitution.  It’s interesting to note that there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that grants the President of the United States the power to declare martial law although these days; why should that stop any liberal/progressive President from attempting it.

Martial law is the absolute rule by the military; to be used to replace the civil government.  Martial law is generally imposed upon defeated military regimes during wartime; not against law abiding American citizen’s by their own government. If martial law is ever declared you can expect suspension of all of your rights, weapons confiscation, free speech elimination and a host of other unpleasant occurrances.  Law abiding citizens would in turn be treated as outlaws and subject to search, seizure, imprisonment, etc.

Give this matter some thought; as the military and the police should refuse to comply with any orders to impose martial law upon law abiding American citizens under the pretext of a crisis.  If the powers in Washington D.C. want martial law then let them go out and try and enforce it themselves.  Remember the President and other members of the government are not above the Constitution; and even take oaths swearing to defend the Constitution as part of their appointment to office.  America must never become a nation that is headed down the brutal path of tyrannical rule as other nations in other parts of the world have already experienced at the hands of their own regimes.

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What prepper doesn’t play the who are you going to survive with game.  It goes something like this. The world as we know it has come to an end and you have the chance to survive with one other person; facing the hardships together in this new and dangerous world.   Now since this is more or less a fantasy question; not counting family or friends what one person would you want to be your survival other? Remember as this is fantasy; it doesn’t matter whether you actually know the person in real life or not.  So who are you going to survive with?

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Shaking hands is a socially acceptable method used daily in professional and personal situations. However it can be a potentially dangerous activity because it can place you at a situational and a tactical disadvantage.  In many instances a common handshake, when there is no gut feeling that danger is present, is somewhat unavoidable; but when that sixth sense tells you don’t do it, then you’d better pay attention to it. 

Offering your gun hand to anyone in a handshake, for those who conceal carry or for those who don’t, means the following.

  • Your gun hand is now not available to draw your weapon of choice, if self defense is warranted, presuming you are of course right handed.
  • A potential attacker can use a handshake ruse as an attempt to crush your hand or get in a sucker punch as your hand is otherwise engaged.
  • Hygiene; let’s face it there are some people you really don’t want to shake hands with as they appear unclean or unkempt.

So if you can avoid shaking hands; then tactically you are in a better position. Excuses you can use are many but my favorite has always been “I think I’m coming down with something and I don’t want you to get sick.”  If you have to shake hands then there is only one way to do it correctly.  This method is to extend your index finger, on your right hand, as you are shaking hands; as if you are trying to touch the other persons inner wrist.  This makes it almost impossible for the other party to crush your hand during the handshake.  Go ahead; give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.  Of course if an aggressor refuses to let go of your right hand; then that’s when you use your left hand as well as your feet.  Well placed strikes to key body points will cause the aggressor to release your hand instantly. 

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So the zombies have finally arrived……do you have what it takes to survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse?  Well we shall see.  The following methodologies are the best ways to survive in the event you happen to see any of these so called zombies staggering around your neighborhood.

  • Weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons.  Rifles, shotguns, handguns, plenty of ammo and mags as needed, sharp knives, battle axes and wrecking bars all will be required.
  • Train often with your weapons so you can wield them effectively against these re-animated corpses.
  • Make your home defensible; have plenty of plywood and nails for boarding up windows and reinforcing entry ways.  Use barbed wire fencing, tanglefoot wire and steel reinforced fencing as additional effective deterrents.
  • Use common sense.  Stay hidden when needed, patrol your perimeter frequently and work in teams whenever possible.
  • Get in shape.  Physical fitness is key to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  You must be able to walk long distances if needed and run quickly when the situation warrants regardless of age.  If you are out of shape survival will be made more difficult.
  • Look, listen and remain vigilant.
  • Avoid urban areas.  Suburbs and rural areas are much better.  If you live in the city move now to a nice area with plenty of wide open spaces.
  • Own the largest SUV possible, keep your gas tank and spare gas cans full and make sure your SUV can run down hordes of the undead without stalling by reinforcing the front and rear bumpers.

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