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Nature can be a savage beast when it unleashes its fury in a variety of storm based ways.  When talking about tornado’s it’s important to remember that a tornado on the top end of the wind scale can easily tear houses from foundations, carry away automobiles, damage steel reinforced concrete structures, and throw debris around over vast distances.

When a weather report issues a tornado warning for your area do not ignore it.  If you hear a rumbling that sounds like a freight train the tornado is heading your way.  Seek safe shelter immediately such as in your basement or in a specially designed tornado shelter if your home has one.  Get your entire family to safety and don’t forget about your pets.

Make sure everything you need is handy for you to grab at a moments notice such as a fully charged cell phone, charger, car keys, flashlight, etc.  Also take the time beforehand to make sure your homeowners insurance policy actually covers whatever storm damage you may incur.  You will also want to keep all of your important papers together in a secure place as you will need them after the tornado subsides.

Depending on where you live help may or may not arrive in a timely manner and looting may or may not be a problem.  With that said you may need to be self sufficient for a period of time and also provide your own security measures against potential looters.  So if your home or dwelling resides in an area that is prone to severe storms and other natural disasters, take precautions now.  

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