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Can your cell phone give away your location?  Yes it can.  Anytime it has a power source attached it can be tracked; which means simply turning it off is not enough.  If it has access to power, via a battery, as an example it can send and receive tracking data from nearby towers.  Your signal can be triangulated between towers which can then identify your position whether the cell phone is in use or not. Removing the battery is the only way to eliminate this tracking; however, once you re-insert the battery, it re-registers the network and your location can once again be revealed.

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So you’ve survived and now you find yourself trying to stay alive in a hostile world filled with thugs, criminals, looters and raiders.  They are everywhere; so to increase your survival chances you must minimize any target indicators that you give off.

A target indicator is anything that will reveal your location to an enemy.  As you move throughout the post apocalyptic world; avoid at all costs giving off the following target indicators.

  • Avoid walking on creaky wooden floors or stepping on twigs or branches.  Noises you create are your enemies.
  • Avoid having your reflection showing in windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces that can give away your position.
  • Avoid giving off shadows.
  • Avoid having your gun muzzle protrude from around a corner as it can lead to a gun grab by an enemy.
  • Avoid the sounds of your clothing scraping against a wall.
  • Avoid leaving a previously closed door open after you have entered a location and vice versa.  Small changes to a location can indicate that you have been there.
  • Avoid leaving the smell of tobacco in a location where that smell was not present before.
  • Avoid colognes and scented soaps as these smells can be easy for an enemy to track.
  • Avoid leaving footprints especially muddy footprints.  They are easily tracked.  
  • Avoid leaving palm prints on foggy windows.
  • Avoid talking when not necessary as sounds can travel a good distance revealing your position.
  • Avoid wearing gear and other equipment which rattles.  Your gear should be properly fastened to ensure it remains quiet; as you move about the terrain.
  • Avoid quick and jerky movements.  These movements are easy for an enemies eyes to detect.
  • Avoid creating strong cooking odors which can lead unwanted visitors to your location.

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There are times when covering and/or mis-directing your tracks in the snow will be essential to your survival.  Tracks can lead unwanted visitors to your location or away from your location so covering them or using misdirection can be a way to throw people off of your track.  The following are some methods to use which will assist you in this task.

  • Use a long branch with pine needles as a broom to effectively conceal and cover your tracks.
  • Walking during a heavy snowfall will ensure that your tracks are covered as long as the snow continues after you reach your destination.
  • When leaving your location walk backwards for a period of time as the tracks will appear to be leading to your location when in fact you are really moving away from it.  This can be used to mislead people into thinking you are at a particular location when you are not.