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It’s only a little bit of water you say…….I should be able to drive through that…….don’t do it.  Here’s why.

  • On average 6 inches of water will reach the bottom of many passenger cars resulting in loss of control or possibly stalling.
  • Cars will begin to float in just 12 inches of water and can leave you stranded.
  • SUV’s and trucks can begin to float in 24 inches of water and can leave you stranded.
  • Water depth is not always obvious.  It may be deeper than it actually looks or the road could have been washed away under the water.  Be extra cautious when approaching water on roads in flood zones at night.

What is a truck gun you ask?  A truck gun is a weapon, in my case a shotgun, that remains at all times in my SUV.  Why?  Its intended purpose is if you are away from home and caught in a SHTF situation, a riot, civil unrest, etc., it provides a way to defend yourself if needed.  Now in all the years of carrying a truck gun have I ever had to use it……  Does it give me peace of mind in case I need it to save my life…….yes.  There are all sorts of ways to cleverly conceal your truck gun yet keep it quickly accessible.  I’ll leave it up to you to come up with the best concealment/ease of access method for your particular situation.  Until the next post; stay safe.