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I’ve always enjoyed the show the Walking Dead; mainly for the following reason:  It gives one an opportunity to imagine what they would do if faced with the same situations.  I’ve often reflected on what choices I would make if such a scenario ever became reality and at times I have to wonder why the characters in the show make such bad decisions.  The show is both entertaining and also reminds us that the biggest threats aren’t always zombies; but instead the cruel acts people perpetrate against other people, once the rule of law is gone and the thin veneer of society has been ripped away.  The show continues to be my favorite, although I’m at a loss to explain how the writers expect us to believe that whenever there is a prolonged gunfight, the main characters never seem to run out of ammunition.  Until next time watch out for those zombies, you never know when they might show up uninvited.

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If it seems too good to be true it probably is.  If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead TV series the below image is all you need to understand the validity of the above statement.  Something tells me they made the wrong choice when they believed that Terminus was safe.  As in any survival situation make good decisions; it just might save your life.



I’ve been fortunate to have tried almost every tactical 12 gauge pump action shotgun on the market today and I own many as well including Mossberg 500’s and 590’s, Remington 870’s and 887’s, H&R Pardners, etc.  While they are all well made, quality firearms, if I only had time to grab one for the zombie apocalypse; for me the choice is clear.

The shotgun I would choose must have 8+1 shotshell capabilities within the tube using 00 buckshot in 2 3/4″ length.  It must hold an additional 5 shells on the folding ATI stock and hold an additional 4 shells on the aftermarket shot shell carrier which mounts opposite the ejection port. 

The shotgun I would choose can be used with the stock folded for confined spaces or unfolded for proper cheek weld and shoulder support.  It must be rugged, durable, dependable and most of all be as close to 100% reliable as possible.  If the zombie apocalypse happens; my choice of shotgun is my Mossberg 590 12 gauge pump action shotgun.