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For law abiding citizens; it is important to know your rights when dealing with law enforcement.  Some law enforcement officers will try and use fear or unethical tactics to get around the law; so don’t be fooled.  Keep the following in mind.

  • Your rights are always in place.  Exercise the right to remain silent when it is in your best interest.
  • You may ask why an officer is present and what they want but do not volunteer information.  Let them do the talking since anything you say prior to them reading you your miranda rights can be recorded, documented and used at trial.  Again it is best to remain silent.
  • If a law enforcement officer knocks on the door of your home you are under no obligation to answer.  If you need to inquire why they are there speak to them through the door.  You do not have to allow them physical or visual access to your property unlesss they have a search warrant or an arrest warrant.  If they demand access without these documents advise them through the door, in a nice manner, that without a warrant you are exercising your 4th amendment rights and you would appreciate it if they would kindly leave your property.
  • Opening a door or window to them is a tacit agreement to a visual inspection; this subjects you to policies of items in plain sight which can then give them probable cause for a warrant.
  • You are under no obligation to accept their invitation to step outside and speak with them. Exiting your home now puts you on their turf.  Trumped up charges can then be made that you resisted arrest or obstructed an investigation.  Again do not go outside with them.
  • If you feel harassed contact your lawyer imeediately.
  • Officers do not have to inform you of your rights before asking you questions.  Any information you provide freely could therefore be used against you in a court of law.  Exercise your rights to remain silent.

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