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Every day carry essentials are those things you keep with you, everyday, in order to increase your survival chances should the unthinkable happen.  The following is a good starting point and once you get used to keeping these items with you in your pants or jacket pockets, and also on your belt, you’ll begin to wonder why you ever went places without them.  Concealed is the way to go as there is no sense in letting others see what you have.

A fully charged cell phone, a small pocket flashlight with a minimum of 100 lumens, a folding knife, a neck knife, your preferred handgun of choice with a quality holster and spare ammo attached to a sturdy belt, a paracord bracelet, and miscellaneous first aid items.  These should be a good starting point.  As always know your local and state laws and abide accordingly.

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I’ve been fortunate over the years to have had the opportunity to try most of the major pump action 12 gauge shotguns on the market today.  Many are well made, some not so much.  While many pump action shotguns will do an excellent job for home defense my overall selection for best 12 gauge pump action shotgun based on durability, reliability, accuracy, and ease of adding mission specific accessories goes to the Mossberg 590A1.

  • 590A1 12 gauge pump action shotgun  –  8+1 rounds, parkerized 20 inch barrel and receiver, topped with ghost-ring sights to get on target fast, easy to add sidesaddles to both the stock and opposite the ejector port if so desired, easy to add light and light mount, easy to add heat shield.

So what 12 gauge pump action shotgun do you prefer for your primary home defense shotgun?

You can take a look at some of my apocalyptic, zombie, or horror fiction books on the left side of my blog page by clicking on the book cover images.  If they interest you then I hope you will consider purchasing a copy.



Just in case the next zombie outbreak happens in your area set aside your major weapons in advance; just to be safe……….here are my personal selections in case the zombie apocalypse occurs anytime soon.

  • Zombie Shotgun – Mossberg 590 A1 Special Purpose 12 Gauge Pump Action.
  • Zombie Carbine – DPMS AP4 Panther Carbine AR15 with iron sights and scoped configuration.
  • Zombie Long Distance Rifle – Century FAL L1A1 scoped
  • Zombie Handgun – Smith & Wesson M&P45
  • Zombie Revolver – Ruger GPS 100
  • Zombie Tomahawk – United Cutlery M48 Hawk
  • Zombie Fixed Blade Knife – Elite Forces
  • Zombie Folding Knife – Smith & Wesson MP5 LCP

You can take a look at some of my apocalyptic, zombie, or horror fiction books on the left side of my blog page by clicking on the book cover images.  If they interest you then I hope you will consider purchasing a copy.

A good quality revolver is an essential piece of survival gear which can be used in survival situations where a semi automatic handgun might not be the best option.  My choice for best survival revolver goes to the Ruger GP 100, chambered in 357/38, in stainless steel, with a 4 inch barrel, fixed sights, and a combination wood and rubber handgrip.


With so many different home defense firearms choices; I’d be interested in knowing what specific firearm my readers are using for home defense purposes and why that particular firearm was selected.  I ask because I keep going back and forth between a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun for home defense, a S&W M&P45 semi auto handgun for home defense, or a Taurus Tracker 357 Magnum revolver for home defense.  It seems that on a fairly regular basis I’m routinely swapping out my primary home defense weapons thinking that I can gain that much more of an advantage in defensive capabilities by doing so.  With that said I’d like to see what others are doing in this regard.  


I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to use tactical shotguns from Mossberg, Remington, Winchester, CZ, Weatherby, Benelli, H&R, etc. With the myriad of shotgun choices available today; here are my reasons for preferring the Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge pump action shotgun to all others.

  1. The shell tube holds 8 + 1 rounds of 2 3/4″ 00 buckshot.
  2. It’s a combat ready shotgun, solidly built with a heavy, firm feel.
  3. It is smooth operating and has a good fit and durable finish.
  4. In many range session uses; I have never experienced any malfunctions such as a double feed or failure to eject.
  5. Shotgun was designed to function in extreme environments and can take some knocking about.
  6. Can easily accomodate a wide range of accessories such as side saddles, heat shields, flashlight holders, breacher barrels, etc.
  7. Comes standard with a good quality adjustable ghost ring rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.
  8. The heavy weight of the shotgun helps with recoil control.
  9. Can be used with a 1 point, 2 point or 3 point sling.
  10. Trigger group and safety are metal instead of plastic and the safety is well positioned on the top of the weapon,
  11. The barrel finish is parkerized.
  12. Weight empty is 7.5 pounds, barrel length is 20″ and overall length is 41″