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While many of us are busy prepping for the upcoming winter months; let’s not forget to help our furry critter friends do the same.


With the winter weather arriving; here are two very important prepper tips to follow.

  1. Start your snow blower now to make sure it functions.  Don’t wait until the snow is several feet deep before finding out your snow blower won’t start.  If you’re buying a snow blower make sure it has both a manual start and an electric start option.
  2. Start your generator now to make sure it functions.  Don’t wait until you’ve already lost power to see if it works.  Test it and make sure everything runs properly so if it is needed; it will be ready to go.  If you’re buying a generator make sure it is sufficiently powerful to run your home and is wired correctly; so it can function as a whole house generator.  Again both a manual and an electric start option should be on the generator you select.