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In order to survive when society collapses; having a proper mindset is essential, to see you through the dangerous times ahead.  You will be dealing with the possibilities of dehydration, starvation, the elements, etc., but one of the biggest threats you will face is simply other people.  To people who have nothing; that old peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have, might look like a gourmet meal.  If a person is cold, wet, hungry and thirsty; they will do unimaginable things to take what you have prepared for your own survival, for themselves.  They will see you as nothing more than an inconvenient obstacle to obtaining what they want.

When law and order collapses you will by necessity become your own first line of self defense.  You will have to protect yourself by whatever means necessary; and you must be mentally prepared to do whatever must be done to protect those you love from predators, thugs, looters and other violent criminals.  Remember the following key points as they just might save your life.

  • Anyone can potentially be a threat as even good people can end up doing bad things when trying to survive.
  • Avoid trouble; but if trouble finds you, have the will and the skill and the capacity to defend yourself accordingly.
  • Don’t blindly follow dictates, rules, or other people to the slaughter; if it is counter intuitive to what you believe is in your best interests.
  • Train regularly with your defensive weapons until you are proficient with their use.  Plan ahead for which weapons are best for each particular survival scenario.  Above all; be vigilant, confident and do whatever you must to survive.

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When society crumbles the chances of encountering a life threatening situation increases. Thugs, looters and predators will be out there just waiting to pray upon those that they perceive to be weaker than themselves.  Some of these people fear punishment from the law; which keeps them temporarily in line, but once law and order disappears they are free to act upon their baser impulses.

In ordert to survive when society collapses it is important to adhere to the following.

  • Move within a large enough group of people; to appear threatening enough that predators will move on to other, easier targets.
  • If you are with a smaller group; move in areas which have already been bypassed by predators.
  • Learn to blend in with the crowd and do not draw uneccessary attention to yourself.
  • Follow the gray man principle which states the mind remembers things which stimulate it; if there is no stimulus, there is no noticing.  IE the mind is stimulated and notices fast movements, threatening movements, movements that will intersect your path, bright colors, lights and reflections.  Therefore move slowly, in a non threatening manner, do not intersect anothers path, avoid wearing bright colors, avoid using lights when others are without and avoid casting reflections unneccessarily such as in store windows or off of shiny chrome objects, etc.
  • A key element to avoiding trouble is to simply not go where you anticipate trouble is.
  • Learn to move in and out of areas as needed without drawing attention to yourself. 
  • Be properly armed for self defense but know your limitations.  
  • When society crumbles; staying alive and healthy are your primary concerns.  When the thin veneer of civilization is ripped away and the underlying evil that people are capable of is revealed, you need to be properly prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for what you may need to do to survive.

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So you’ve looked outside and zombies are everywhere.  Here are ten ways to survive the zombie apocalypse if you ever find yourself in that scenario.

  1. Stay quiet.  Zombies are attracted to noise.  Even if you want to scream, or shout or yell, don’t do it.
  2. Do not travel alone or at night especially if you are on foot.
  3. Have a safe, secure, well fortified location to live.
  4. Have plenty of guns, ammo, clubs, knives, tomahawks and other sharp weapons just in case you have to dispatch a zombie or two from time to time.  Remember it takes damage to the head and brain to kill them.  
  5. Have food, water, medical supplies and other essential survival gear stocked up.
  6. Stay in shape physically, mentally and emotionally.
  7. Be careful whom you trust.  People aren’t always what they appear to be.
  8. Have a primary, secondary and tertiary survival plan.
  9. Observe proper light and noise discipline.
  10. It will be easier to survive if you are with a group of people that you trust; and can be relied upon when the SHTF.


So the zombies have finally arrived……do you have what it takes to survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse…..well we shall see.  The following methodologies are the best ways to survive in the event you happen to see any of these zombies staggering around your neighborhood.

  • Weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons.  Rifles, shotguns, handguns, plenty of ammo and mags as needed, sharp knives, battle axes and wrecking bars all will be required.
  • Train often with your weapons so you can wield them effectively against these re-animated corpses.
  • Make your home defensible; have plenty of plywood and nails for boarding up windows and reinforcing entry ways, barbed wire fencing, tanglefoot wire and steel reinforced fencing will also be effective deterrents.
  • Use common sense.  Stay hidden when needed, patrol your perimeter as needed and work in teams whenever possible.
  • Get in shape.  Physical fitness is key to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  You must be able to walk long distances if needed and run quickly when the situation warrants regardless of age.  If you are out of shape or very overweight, diet and exercise everyday immediately.
  • Look, listen and remain vigilant.
  • Avoid urban areas.  Suburbs and rural areas are much better.  If you live in the city move now to a nice area with plenty of wide open spaces.
  • Own the largest SUV possible, keep your gas tank and spare gas cans full and make sure your SUV can run down hordes of the undead without stalling by reinforcing the front and rear bumpers.