Every Day Carry Essentials To Increase Your Safety

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Preparedness
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Every day carry essentials are those things you keep with you, everyday, in order to increase your survival chances should the unthinkable happen.  The following is a good starting point and once you get used to keeping these items with you in your pants or jacket pockets, and also on your belt, you’ll begin to wonder why you ever went places without them.  Concealed is the way to go as there is no sense in letting others see what you have.

A fully charged cell phone, a small pocket flashlight with a minimum of 100 lumens, a folding knife, a neck knife, your preferred handgun of choice with a quality holster and spare ammo attached to a sturdy belt, a paracord bracelet, and miscellaneous first aid items.  These should be a good starting point.  As always know your local and state laws and abide accordingly.

You can see some of my post apocalyptic, zombie, and horror fiction books on the left side of my blog page.  If you enjoy these types of fiction then click on the book cover images and you will be taken to the amazon website where you can preview and then purchase these e-books. 


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  3. Just finished reading a zombie apocaplypse book on the kindle…first zombie book for me and I didn’t actually realise it was one till I started reading it…don’t like zombies!!! Didn’t mean to read it!!! Now I’m looking over my shoulder all the time lol and thinking about you and your blog all the time! I also know why I don’t read zombie books now!!! 😉

    • rmactsc says:

      Try my zombie books. Let me know if you like them.

      • Do you think that would help…lol…you know…getting past the mental images of people getting eaten by hungry horrors! Good therapy you reckon? 😉 No more creeping night horrors and scary sweats? 🙂 I’ll think about it okay!

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