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Just wanted to thank everyone for a very successful first blog year.

181 people thus far follow this blog.

Over 35,000 hits this first year.

Lots of books sold and I’ve heard no complaints about story line so I will take that to mean people find the books interesting.

I’ve enjoyed blogging and commenting back and forth with all of you and I look forward to continuing this tradition next year. ¬†I wish all of you a Happy New Year ūüôā

With the winter weather arriving; here are two very important prepper tips to follow.

  1. Start your snow blower now to make sure it functions. ¬†Don’t wait until the snow is several feet deep before finding out your snow blower won’t start. ¬†If you’re buying a snow blower make sure it has both a manual start and an electric start option.
  2. Start your generator now to make sure it functions. ¬†Don’t wait until you’ve already lost power to see if it works. ¬†Test it and make sure everything runs properly so if it is needed; it will be ready to go. ¬†If you’re buying a generator make sure it is sufficiently powerful to run your home and is wired correctly; so it can function as a whole house generator. ¬†Again both a manual and an electric start option should be on the generator you select.


Game, set, match.  Follow the logic and support the 2nd Amendment.


Still need convincing…….here are more reasons that gun control is wrong.

  • Gun control laws only effect those who obey them.¬† In other words while law abiding citizens would be forced to turn in their guns, criminals won’t.¬† Gun control is every criminal’s dream.¬† Criminals don’t obey laws which is why they are criminals.
  • Where has gun control reduced crime?¬† Nowhere.¬† Places with the strictest gun control laws routinely see rising crime rates.¬† See the previous bullet point for the explanation on why.
  • The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.¬† You cannot handpick which amendments to follow and which ones to ignore.
  • Automobiles kill far more people than guns.¬† Imagine how you would feel if one day a law was passed that said you must turn in your car.¬† A car that you worked hard for and paid for and by the passing of a new law was suddenly against the law to own.
  • When it comes right down to it, your own self defense is up to you.¬† The police are reactive meaning they show up after a crime has ocurred.¬† If you are attacked your attacker is not going to stop to give you time to call 911 and wait for the police to arrive before they try and harm you.¬† You have to defend yourself immediately against violent crime and a gun is the greatest self defense equalizer ever made.
  • Gun control is incompatible with individual rights.¬† It does nothing other than protect criminals and put law abiding citizens in a defenseless position.

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A communications drop is an old school way for two or more people to stay in touch in a clandestine manner.   A drop is a secure location known only to the people who use the site but is not common knowledge to outsiders.  In the event other forms of communication cannot be used due to an electro- magnetic pulse or other security considerations; a secure communications drop can be a way for families to remain in contact.  Secure drops can be the inside of a hollowed out log or perhaps a secret area inside an outdoor deck.  Written messages, coded or un-coded can be left to alert family and friends as to where and when you would like them to meet you.  The nice thing about old school communication drops is there is no limit to how creative your drop sites can be.

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Perhaps no armed robbers, or thugs or murders have shown up at your door and you are starting to question whether all this self defense and home defense preparation is really worth the time and effort? ¬†The answer most definitely is yes it is worth your time and effort. ¬†Why? ¬†If you are like 99.99999% of the population you are not psychic and you do not have a functioning crystal ball that will tell you the time and place that danger will strike………….so being situationally aware, well trained and well prepared to protect your life and your property is essential. ¬†

Keeping your home, your property, yourself and your family safe are of paramount importance.  Take the time and effort now as the peace of mind you will have later will make the endeavor well worth it.  When danger is imminent you are your own first line of self defense.

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Congratulations to my favorite NFL football team the Indianapolis Colts. ¬†Job well done on making the playoffs this year. ¬†What an excellent way to finish up 2012 ūüôā


What is a prepper?  An interesting question and I propose the following answer.  A prepper is a person who seeks to be prepared for things that life might throw your way.  A person who is self reliant when it comes to survival, preparedness and protection.  A person who understands the fragility of society and who uses effective reasoning and decision making skills to make sure that they thrive and survive; and a person who is respectful of other people and their property and expects the same considerations in return.   So are you a prepper?

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Merry Christmas to all my blog readers, family, friends and book purchasers. ¬†I hope you have a joyous holiday season ūüôā


The following sums things up very nicely. ¬†Also with Christmas just around the corner feel free to click on the book cover images to the left of this blog post to look at; and if you’d like, to purchase copies of my fiction books. ¬†They make for very interesting reading if you enjoy a good, post apocalyptic fiction book series.