EDC Everyday Carry is essentially a prepared persons way of keeping essential items with them every time they go out.  Generally speaking you can use a small pouch and place it in a jacket pocket or a cargo pants pocket.  The pouch I use is the Condor EDC pouch which is small enough to take on the go; and holds essentials I might need such as a flashlight, spare batteries, bandaids, lens wipes, P51 can openers, lighters, mini screwdrivers, etc. etc.  I keep this with me in conjunction with my cell phone, pocket knife, keys, etc.  So if you haven’t set up a small, portable, every day carry pouch it is certainly a good idea to go ahead and do so.

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    If you carry all that stuff, OK. But try something different, leave one item out, for one week, then put it back and take out a different item, and leave it out for one week. When you become more confident, then take only one item, and carry that, for one week, replacing it with another item, for the next week. Eventually, carry nothing. scenario, a bug-out in the middle of the night or separated from the bug-out/everyday carry equipment. Finally, improvise, from nothing except what you come in daily contact with. Your new bug-out bag might end up being an old dented kettle with a clothesline rope tied onto it. Get my drift?

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