Choosing Your Post Apocalypse Survival Weapons

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Weapons
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It is a good idea to choose what you are going to rely on from a weapons perspective post apocalypse for self defense, property defense and other types of mobile defense.  The following are my humble suggestions.

  • A semi automatic handgun in either 9mm or 45ACP
  • A 357 magnum revolver
  • An AR-15 
  • A 12 gauge pump action shotgun
  • A long range rifle either in .308 or 7mm Rem Mag 
  • A sturdy fixed blade knife

My choices have factored in my particular needs.  Obviously your needs in terms of caliber/gauge might be different.  Choose wisely.

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  1. ALL THE ABOVE (including the blade) are illegal in the UK.
    Thus we’ve got to get “creative”.
    Rolled up newspaper, rotten tomatoes, harsh language.
    Hey, give it a few months and the US will be the same unless YOU get creative about your governments stupidity.

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