Things I’ve Learned From Reading Survival Fiction

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Commentary
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Have you ever noticed some of the more interesting things that many survival fiction novels have in common?  If not, here’s a list to get you started.

  • One of your immediate neighbors will usually turn out to be the bad guy who somehow raises an army of thugs intent on threatening your existence.
  • Your neighborhood always has a retired gunnery sergeant who immediately implements state of the art security protocols for your group.
  • One of your neighbors always has an unlimited metal supply such as steel or copper, etc., is a welder and also has better weaponry than most soldiers actually use.
  • The main character can be outnumbered and outgunned and even surrounded but will still manage to escape while killing a large percentage of the enemy force.
  • While trying to survive in the most dire circumstances the main character still has time to have sex with his wife frequently.
  • Everyone becomes an instant expert on everything.
  • Someone in the group always has enough food stockpiled to feed the entire neighborhood for at least two years.


  1. And there’s always a Daryl Dixon type that suddenly becomes the most popular guy in the neighborhood after being ignored and/or snubbed his entire life. And he never holds a grudge either!

  2. Reblogged this on Just Stuff that interests me and commented:
    I shouldn’t say this is amusing but in a way it is.

  3. Note to self: Find gun crazy neighbor, food hording neighbor, and be the main character of my own story… not so sure about the wife thing, tho… I’m all for the sex. But, it’d be kind of weird considering I’m a woman. Just sayin…

  4. rmactsc says:

    I like your sense of humor iamasurvivor. Looks like you’ve got a project for this weekend… and greet the neighbors 🙂

  5. jokelly65 says:

    Ever notice that in Survival Fiction, you never see bands of ticked off clowns raiding towns and homesteads. Must be the floppy shoes keeping them from spreading out over long distances. thanks for the list, Enjoyed it.

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