Early Warning Intruder Detection

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Equipment
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Every home should have an early warning system for intruder detection through the front and back door, patio doors, garage door, etc.  An inexpensive battery powered system which has worked well for me is the Doberman Mini Defender system.  A 2 pack of this system generally runs for about 15 dollars.

Basically they are magnetically triggered alarms with an on/off switch, a chime switch (which I never use) and an alarm setting which omits a piercing 100db alarm for 30 seconds.  I use the alarm setting which is very loud and will give you early warning that someone has breached your security.

The unit is smaller than a credit card and as an example, one end mounts to the door and the other end to the trim around the door at the same level, usually with about an inch of space between the pieces.  The magnets sense each other and if a door is opened, the magnets are breached which sets off the alarm if the alarm setting has been pre-turned to the on position.

As the trim and the door in many homes are usually not flush I use layers of double sided tape to bring the recessed surface even with the higher surface, before mounting, so everything is flush and level.  When defending your home anything which gives you an early warning, turns the advantage to your favor and gives you time to call 911 and bring your weapon into play for a defensive scenario.


  1. 1stminstrel says:

    Looks like an efficient and inexpensive way to alert anyone in the house…nice awareness post.

    • rmactsc says:

      Thank you 1stminstrel. The hardest part when I first started using it was remembering to turn it off before letting the dog out at 2:00 A.M. when she wanted to go out and about for a quick stretch.

  2. Excellent idea 🙂 I want one! Give to Wolfie!! 😀

  3. rmactsc says:

    I bought mine at Home Depot but Amazon has them also. They really are a great idea and work well 🙂

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