A riot is a form of civil disorder where groups of people can lash out in a sudden, intense, rash of violence against authority, other people, or property over perceived grievances, dissent, or injustices.  If a riot occurs be aware of the following.

  • If you are in your home, stay quiet and out of sight.  Don’t let the rioters see or hear you.
  • If you are in a vehicle do not stop your vehicle in a riot area for any reason.  You might be pulled from your car by the mob and beaten or killed.
  • Stay calm and be situationally aware.
  • Whenever you are in a public place be aware of potential escape routes in case a riot ensues.
  • If an area is a hotbed of political, or social tension, avoid that area at all costs.

Mobs are dangerous.  When groups of people are highly emotional, unreasonable, and unthinking, violence has the potential to occur.  If you come across a violent crowd, your number one goal should be to get to safety while remaining as inconspicuous and anonymous as possible.

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