What is a Prepper?

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Commentary
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What is a prepper?  An interesting question and I propose the following answer. A prepper is a person who seeks to be prepared for things that life might throw your way.  A person who is self reliant when it comes to survival, preparedness and protection.  A person who understands the fragility of society and who uses effective reasoning and decision making skills to make sure that they thrive and survive; and a person who is respectful of other people and their property and expects the same considerations in return.   So are you a prepper?

  1. Scott says:

    I don’t really feel as if I am prepper to the extent that you are. However all of your posts have made me think alot. I have a case of MRE’s and have seriously been considering other freeze dried foods. I own and carry a firearm that I am trained and proficient with.
    I greatly appreciate your blog and always to reading. Thanks.

  2. I have downgraded my considered prepper status since realising last week my passport had expired back in March and I am not in the least prepared to leave the country in a hurry should I need to…well you never know when the need might arise do you? Always be prepared! But I am not! And I didn’t do my homework and now I have no idea how I’m going to get it delivered as it’s coming back by courier…eventually…I hope!! So I am trapped! In the case of a dire planetary catastrophe….like an alien invasion 😉 I cannot run away and hide behind you and your big guns!!! This is very bad planning is it not! Not what is expected from a good prepper at all! So 0 out of 10 for prepperness I think…Oh wolf and flea!!

    • rmactsc says:

      Not sure how it is over there but getting a new passport here is fairly easy. Do they make it difficult to renew one there once they expire? Have you had the opportunity to travel much before your passport expired?

      • It’s not difficult so far as I know, but my Italian landlord who lives next door has a worrying habit of sending official bodies who come looking for me-like passport couriers, away telling them I don’t live here because he thinks I’m in some kind of trouble, leading to him offering to ship me off to a safe house in Italy!! He means well and is just a little over-protective lol but it could lead to a headache explaining that one to the Passport office!! Had I done my homework I’d have used my work address since I’m unlikely to be there at the times the couriers operate at but I thought it was coming through the post. Not had much chance to travel over recent times due to work and too frequent accommodation changes thanks to dodgy landlords who get their houses re-possessed!

      • rmactsc says:

        Your life would make an awesome movie europasicewolf 🙂

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