Profiling can save your life.  Human beings as a survival mechanism constantly profile as a method to avoid danger and everyone does it.  As an example that was told to me follows; it will clearly illustrate my point.  You are in the lobby of a six floor apartment building late at night waiting for an elevator. There are two elevators and as you push the button waiting for an elevator to arrive you are looking forward to visiting your friend who lives on the fifth floor.  In the lobby both elevator doors open at the same time.  In one elevator there are 6 old ladies; in the other elevator there are 6 men all in their 20’s dressed in gang colors.  Which elevator are you going to get into?  Anyone with common sense will get into the elevator with the 6 old ladies.  Congratulations you profiler you; you have just profiled and in doing so you have probably saved yourself from being raped, robbed or murdered.  Profiling is how human beings look to avoid danger and stay safe.


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  2. Heard of profiling but didn’t know what it was…well! Don’t have to worry about it on Europa do I?!! lol 🙂 Very enlightening…I guess I do it quite regularly and don’t even realise 🙂

  3. conelrad says:

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