As I sat in my hot tub and relaxed in the warmth of the churning water; I managed to resolve my top 6 issues that I feel America faces.  So if I was the President; here are the 6 policies I would implement to get this great country back on track.

  1. Illegal Aliens – Round them up and deport them immediately.  They are here illegally which makes it a criminal offense.  Immediately implement border security with posted signs indicating that anyone trying to illegally cross the border will be fired upon and follow through with such action.
  2. Welfare – Eligible one time in your life only; not to exceed 12 months.  At that point no further welfare would be allowed for an individual.  The prospect of no more welfare funds coming in would highly motivate recipients to go out and get a job in order to survive.
  3. Prison System – 24 hour lockdown would be mandatory.  No early release.  Sentences to be served in full.  No weight rooms, no TV, no radio.  I would allow “elevator music” and perhaps a daily newspaper for reading.  Prison cells would be harsh, not comfortable resulting in those getting out of prison never wanting to return.
  4. War – Would no longer be fought in a politically correct fashion.  If we had to go to war, our military would be allowed to fight as viciously as possible in order to win.  No more touchy, feely ,methods of combat.  Wars are meant to be won and won quickly.
  5. Taxes – 5% flat tax would be implemented replacing the current individual income tax code at all income levels with no deductions.  Go out and earn as much as you can and pay your 5%.  NO deductions, no loopholes.  Straight 5% which can never be increased. 
  6. Concealed Carry – All law abiding citizens with valid pistol permits would be allowed and encouraged to carry concealed 24/7.  Criminals fear armed civilians and being armed with proper training goes a long way to keeping criminals at bay.  No malicious prosecutions would be allowed for armed citizens who shoot a thug in self defense.

  1. Tina says:

    Who could disagree ?

  2. Interesting views thanks for the read, elevator music in prisons is an odd one, would that be their treat or to help calm them in their travels around their cell blocks ?

  3. soulcityusa says:

    FYI, I think statutorily, illegal presence is not considered a “crime.” This may be semantics. There are violations of the law that are considered not criminal, such as traffic violations, and immigration violations are not resolved in a court setting, but an administrative one. There are advantages for enforcers of these immigration rules for it not to be criminal, mainly that enforcers do not have to defer to the rights of the accused as much as in criminal settings (proof needn’t be beyond a reasonable doubt, etc). But that’s the law as I understand it. At least this was the case last I followed it.

    New to your site, and find it informative.

  4. rob says:

    Dam this I hate to say it but little do I disagree with The immigration system we have in place sucks otherwise I’am with ya.

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