Tactics are an important element when the SHTF.  Here are some tactics to consider as the need arises.  Move quietly, don’t travel in a straight line, avoid main roads, never go back the same way that you came, never use the same ambush site twice and remember if you can see the enemy the chances are that the enemy can see you too.

Avoid predictable patterns, watch carefully for trip wires and booby traps, do not step on twigs as the sound of a twig breaking will travel a considerable distance.  Avoid using or wearing shiny objects and stay away from locations which leave you vulnearable such as alleyways and dimly lit parking lots.

Pay attention to sounds.  Birds suddenly moving away from a location are an indicator of movement.  Know your enemy and keep your weapons within arms reach.  Your mission will dictate your weapons choices; there is no such thing as one correct weapon for all scenarios.  You must learn to become aggressive enough quickly enough.

Never submit to threats or allow an enemy to isolate you in a vehicle or abandoned building.  If you do get into a vehicle make sure the car door will open from the inside before closing that door, as some unscrupulous folks will disable the inside door handles to prevent them from working.  Never allow yourself to become incapacitated especially if bindings are produced such as rope, cord, duct tape, zip ties, wire or handcuffs.

Minimize your risk profile as most attacks are crimes of opportunity.  Pay attention to your gut instincts; if something feels wrong it probably is wrong.  Remain situationally aware at all times and avoid dangerous areas and dangerous situations whenever possible.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Turn around frequently to see what it looks like where you just passed, in case you need to pull back rapidly or are being followed.
    Most people walk with right turn frequency (I was a certified tracker). Be mindful of tracks of others, and yourself. Ambushes are generally set on flanks, with this knowledge in mind, so make sure of your own tracks.
    Carry out any litter of yours! Vast intelligence is obtained by any item left behind, even human waste, and campfires. You can throw off an enemy by scattering litter about, to give appearance of a larger force, and that will slow down anyone tracking you, or they may go back to get more men. Listen for “cows walking in the woods”, that is what a large enemy force will sound like.
    Grab oddball size, and sole pattern shoes, to false print tracks. Examine your soles and heels for unique damage that will print on the ground and identify your tracks, to a skilled tracker. Alternate your stride and pace, to confuse trackers.
    Silence and hand signals. Don’t wait, practice or learn, now.
    Body aromatics are detectable for about a half mile or greater once your nose gets back to nature. Camp odors can be smelled for up to two miles. Learn the conifers in your area and rub them on yourself to secrete their aromatic oils, and mask your biological odors. Always bury your waste deep, especially urine or fecal matter. Germs can kill you, germs can make you ill with pain. An enemy can kill you quicker, and give you torturous pain, quicker and longer.
    If familiar with your surroundings, listen to wildlife sounds. Birds and squirrels sound alarms for you. Deer and elk bleat in long durations to sound alarm of intruders. Birds suddenly fly, flocks take to the sky.
    Have silent weapons available. Archery, axes, shovels, cutlery, slings, batons and staves, rocks, cordage. Learn to rely on silent weapons as primary tools for hunting and other uses as sound of firearms will mean the you might need to get out fast, up to eight miles, immediately. Sounds will pinpoint you to a search pattern of four miles from the triangulation or dead reckoning of the gunshot sound. It certainly will draw attention to you and your area.

  2. Brittius says:

    Hope it never comes to this but, “Beware of Judas”.
    Who is the person (if any), that would willingly and happily, give up any information about you, or you habits, or your family members, to an enemy?
    Loyalties. Politics. Theologies. Social agendas. Greed. Lust. Gluttony.
    Be mindful of all of this, now, before you need to do any damage control, later.

    • rmactsc says:

      That is an excellent observation. Unfortunately in this day and age it is almost impossible to keep many habits and information a secret. All you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  3. Brittius says:

    “Capture the Cook”.
    An enemy will always seek to capture the person cooking for a group. Generally, they are least desiring to fight and might give up information easily.
    If you turn the tables or reversal of fortune places you within proximity to your enemy’s camp, capture, their cook.
    Units will fall apart quicker without being fed well. Morale breaks down, and infighting begins. You can split, their team.

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