If an emergency or disaster strikes are you prepared?  This is a question you need to ask yourself honestly when it comes to survival and preparedness.  If you have the skills, the gear, the knowledge and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances your chances for survival increase dramatically.

Hurricanes, Tornados, Power Outages, Floods, Civil Unrest, Societal Breakdown, etc., are all things which could happen to anyone, anywhere.  Therefore it is imperative to be prepared with adequate emergency shelter, food, water, first aid items, self defense strategies and the right attitude and mindset which allows you to persevere, overcome and survive.

Bad times can often bring out the worst in people so having the ability to properly defend yourself and weather out any potential disaster scenarios takes on vital importance.  Review your survival plans frequently and make changes as needed.  Study and implement the best methods to prepare for disasters and above all do what is necessary to stay safe.

Check out the following fiction books I’ve written which are all available at Amazon.com.  You can also get a free preview by clicking on the book cover images to the left of my blog posts on my blog page which will take you to the Amazon.com free preview area.  I write in a variety of different fiction generes including post apocalyptic, zombie and horror.  If you like what you see consider purchasing my books.

Post Apocalyptic Fiction Book I’ve Written

  • American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 3 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 4 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 5 of the Revolution

Zombie Fiction Books I’ve Written

  • Biohazard Redacted Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Biohazard Redacted Book 2 of the Zombie Apocalypse

Horror Fiction Books I’ve Written 

  • Anthology of Horror


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